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Ultimate Guide to Betting on Football Without Losing

Detailed Guide on Reading Football Odds Every Bettor Should Know

Any seasoned bettor must know how to read football odds, right? Read on to ensure you’re not left behind!

1. Draw No Bet

Reading: Also known as 0 odds – no team is giving or receiving a handicap.

In this case, if either team wins, that team wins the bet. If the match ends in a draw, the bet is void and all stakes are returned.

2. Quarter-ball Handicap

Reading: Known as ¼ or 0.25 odds.

In this bet, the home team gives the away team a quarter-goal handicap. If the home team wins, only half the stake is won. If they lose, the entire stake is lost. If it’s a draw, half the stake is returned.

3. Half-ball Handicap

Reading: Known as ½ or 0.5 odds.

Here, the home team gives the away team a half-goal handicap. If either team wins, that team wins the bet. If the match is a draw, the home team loses the bet.

4. Three-quarters Handicap

Reading: Also known as ¾ or 0.75 odds.

In this scenario, the away team receives a half-goal handicap. The home team needs to win by at fun88 bet

5. One Goal Handicap

Reading: Also known as 1 odds.

The home team gives a one-goal handicap to the away team. The home team must win by a margin of two or more goals to win the bet. Winning by one goal results in a draw.

6. One and a Half Goal Handicap

Reading: Also known as 1.5 odds.

According to the odds, the home team gives a 1.5-goal handicap to the away team. If the home team wins by one or two goals, they lose the bet. They only win the bet by a three-goal margin.

7. One and Three-quarters Handicap

Reading: Known as 1.75 odds.

In this case, the home team wins half the bet if they score two goals. Scoring only one goal results in a lost bet.

8. Two and a Quarter Handicap

Reading: The away team receives a 2.25-goal handicap.

If the home team wins by three goals, they win the bet. Winning by two goals results in the away team winning half the bet.

9. Two and a Half Goal Handicap

Reading: The home team gives a 2.5-goal handicap to the away team.

If the home team wins by a three-goal margin or more, they win the full bet. Winning by one or two goals, or drawing, results in a lost bet.

Expert Strategies for Always Winning Football Bets

Experts from the website bongdacomvn are confident that the following three top strategies will help you place winning football bets consistently.

1. Analyzing Football Odds

Bettors who want to accurately and effectively analyze football odds need to thoroughly research and analyze the match, particularly the following aspects of the teams:

- Investigate the recent match history of both teams to fun88 sign-in before betting.

- Examine the results of recent matches between the two teams, noting wins, losses, and scores.

- Look into any changes in the team lineup due to injuries, retirements, or suspensions.

- Assess evaluations from the press, fans, and experts.

- Consider additional factors like weather, location, time, and political aspects.

2. Choosing Bets

The football betting experience provided by always ensures authenticity. These tips have been proven by seasoned players. Choosing the right bet is one of the crucial factors that determines the success of expert gamblers in the betting world.

You probably know that a reputable bookmaker always has a strong team of analysts. They update information about matches continuously throughout the night. Therefore, predicting the scores from the bookmaker is very difficult. Instead, using the following strategies will secure your wins:

- When the stronger team is playing away and gives a handicap of ½ - 1 goal, you should choose the underdog to ensure safety.

- If you notice both teams have roughly equal playing form, immediately choose the underdog to protect your wallet.

- In cases where the handicap is ¾ and the betting rate increases significantly, the underdog is a reasonable choice.

- Of course, if the handicap increases, the betting rate increases, or both the handicap and betting rate decrease, you should consider choosing the other team.

- If the first score leans towards the underdog, immediately bet on the underdog.

- Choose the home team if the Asian handicap is a draw and the rate increases by ¼.

- If the Asian handicap decreases and the European handicap is at an average level, bet on the away team to win.

3. Avoid Betting on Trap Odds

With our dedication, bongdaso shares this experience to help you avoid unfortunate mistakes.

Trap odds simply mean when the bookmaker continuously changes, creating volatility in the odds. Therefore, players without a strong stance can easily be swayed and lack decisiveness in placing their bets.

All reputable bookmakers still have tricks to make players waver. It's best to bet only on safe, stable, and straightforward bets. This way, you can ensure you don't lose in football betting.

You can refer to the article: fun88 deposit

4. Choosing European Bets

It's not by chance that we advise you to prioritize European bets. This is because they are the most chosen bets among newcomers.

This has been statistically verified. Due to its safety, bettors choose this type to protect their money. The 1 x 2 bet has a high reward rate as the three betting options each have a 33.3% chance. Combined with experience and luck, you'll be safe with your decision. However, if you enjoy taking risks, you can opt for other bets.

We hope these tips will help bettors confidently engage in football betting without losing. Your success is the editorial team's achievement. Don't forget to share this article with your allies!


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